I’m not expecting you to be perfect. I know I can be crazy jealous. I just need you to accept that and communicate, instead of treating every jealous fit as a mistake on my part. I need to see your willingness to change; to accept me in your life. There’s a learning curve here for both of us, but I don’t see you learning. It’s okay that you’re far away from me, I get that. We’re both busy improving our careers. What I’m expecting on your part is assurance that you’re not being passive with girls who flirt with you. That half-hugging picture, posing with another girl as if you were a couple, was definitely not how assurance as far as having a thing with someone goes. 

I’m tired of rationalizing every bit of your actions. I’m tired of letting it pass, thinking that you just weren’t aware that you’re already hurting me. The fact that you did not defend yourself or try to contact me when I commented on that girl’s post says a lot about how invaluable you think I am. Trust me when I say I’ve looked at it in every possible angle. I even saw that you got gym passes together. She deleted it. You don’t follow her on instagram. But her posts tell me that she likes you. And you didn’t do anything to assure me that you’re defending yourself from her. I can’t keep rationalizing when there is absolutely no decent communication between us. 

This is me getting tired of waiting for you to accept that we both need to learn. I get it, you’re not the type of guy who messages a special someone everyday. All I’m asking is assurance that even when I’m not there, I am still special. Your silence speaks otherwise. I want you to learn and I know that you’re nothing sort of perfect, but I have enough self-worth to know when to walk away. I know that I’m not contented with Facebook comment conversations. That won’t pass as decent communication for me. I also need to be understood. And I’m tired of doing just that.