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How far can you go to satisfy your craving for a good fuck?

A friend of mine just told me that he had sex with his second cousin. And then went on to defend himself without me asking for it.

At first I was really appalled. I mean…second cousin. “[the relation is] far enough” won’t cut it, the mere fact that you guys know each other because your families were in the same get-together is proof enough that anything sexual between the two of you is twisted.

I am disgusted. If you got to fuck your second cousin, you’re not a player, you’re just a sicko.

Defending it by saying, “she seduced me,” “it’s far enough,” and shit like that won’t really take away the fact that if you guys get the dreaded baby bump…boy will your child be confused with family labels.

I’ve just proven how hormones can get the best of guys. If you’re horny, at least find someone who isn’t at the next family get-together. Have the decency to pick up a random chick.

How far are you willing to go to have your dick inside someone’s vagina?

Thanks for proving your douchebag-iness, you sicko.:)