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I had those dark hiphop days. I guess it all started when someone grabbed my iPod, skimmed through my music, and found nothing but Imogen Heap, Broken Social Scene, Frou Frou, Empire of the Sun (even before Coffee Bean had most of their coffee shops playing Walking on a Dream), The Cure, Foals, Phoenix, and Nine Inch Nails. Not many hiphop songs were there. This person reacted with a, “Yuck. You listen to Broken Social Scene?!”

So yeah, I took it pretty hard. That person said it was uncool.

And of course I had an ex who thought Lil Wayne was a rapping god.

So I manually managed my music, went to clubs, and started mimicking their playlist. So my iPod turned ghetto. I started talking ghetto, got confined in nothing but Chris Brown, Rihanna, and whoever else was on the top charts, and started to appreciate diversity lesser and lesser. I found the music without meaning, so I eventually stopped listening to music.

I thought music in general was degrading in value because I didn’t know how else to go back to my old taste.

I don’t mean to be mean but I stopped hanging out with the hiphop folks, opened my brother’s ever wide music collection, and hung out with people who appreciated every little genre of music. Thanks to a slap in the face and a little exploration here and there, I found myself back to the not-so-popular majority who appreciated music–Indie, rock, electronic, alternative, and even dubstep.

It really does feel good to explore.