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Apparently, there’s free wifi here at SM. while I’m greedily eating my childhood favorite (which i usually ate after ice skating class), a father and his three or two year old son sits at the table in front of me.

While my food could very well be shared by two people, the father carries a plate of spaghetti and chicken. I was expecting that he’d be ordering more, but that was it. They were gonna share the meal. Behind them is a group of teenagers, maybe in their sweet sixteens. On their table sat a sodden DQ dilly bar stick and a too-small smoothie cup. Untouched. And these kids are just on their wifi-enabled cellphones, occasionally smiling to themselves. I wonder how long they’re planning to stay there. I’m wondering if they’re planning to go home before rush hour.

Oops, there they just stood up. The smoothie doesn’t taste good, that’s why.

2 o’clock. A guy, probably on lunch break, puts down a steaming bowl of lapaz batchoy. He’s probably feeling a little too cold in this air conditioning. Okay, I’m sorry for judging. But he seems to be really enjoying his bowl of lapaz batchoy. I wonder if he ordered an extra scoop of chicharon.

The two-year old is barely eating. Looks like the spaghetti’s for the father after all.

It’s fascinating how much you can see by just being alone and sitting at a neglected corner. To think that the last time I was here, I was food tripping with someone. I don’t know now which is much better. But hey, it’s easier to observe than be observed. I wonder how stupid we both looked, or how “sweet” we looked to the onlooker.

Catch you later.