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Today I went to a couple of furniture shops looking for a new desk. My room can’t seem to stick to its design. I’m always looking for new furniture, and throwing away shit that I feel are useless.

I have this weird belief in the perfect setting. I can’t work without a desk. It has to be the perfect height, not wiggly, not lopsided. The chair has to be comfy too. I have to be able to sit cross legged.

There was this desk I saw at one of the furniture shops. Perfect dark wood. Perfect height. With drawers perfect for spare sets of yellow pad and other things. But I couldn’t find a chair that didn’t have an arm rest.

Okay this post is really weird but whatever. I’m a virgo and I’m OC and I just really want a desk that screams, “anak, we want you to stay at home and study instead of being all hipster studying at coffee shops.” Not that I really want to stay at home, but since they offered, why not right?

Um…now I don’t know what to say.