Same lipstick. Same dress. Same shoes. Same whatever. And you go to the same place wearing the same thing twice. Sure, it may be coincidental. Maybe you’ve already worn a round of clothing for that week and you chose the same dress for that particular day, and you weren’t expecting you’d be ending up in the same place.

And it makes you feel stupid. What if people remember that about you? But then you just go on, walking. What are the chances, right?

Oh, it’s the same girl wearing that empire cut dress.

Same thing with life. Unconsciously, you make the same decisions without knowing that it’ll lead you to the same dilemma. You don’t know that you’ll be remembered that way. Without even meaning to, you brand yourself. “The same girl wearing that empire cut dress” might very well mean “the same girl with another loser of a guy” or, “the same girl stuck doing a dead end job.”

Sure it makes you feel stupid. For a while. Then you think it won’t matter. But it does. Every single choice you make. When you don’t take that moment of realization and do something about it, you’ll be in the same old shit, as shitty as ever. And you didn’t even go back to change into something other than that empire cut dress.