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I’ve always been a believer in honest relationships. And that goes with faithfulness and loyalty to each other.

I just finished watching How I Met Your Mother’s latest episode, where Robin disappears and gets treated differently just because she’s wearing an engagement ring. Sure, all those perks disappeared the moment she put on that ring, but both Robin and Barney become immensely in love with each other. So much so that Robin didn’t need those guys to give her the perks, and Barney didn’t need the strip club or the one night stands.

That’s true love, I guess. When you don’t really see anybody else except that one person who means the world to you. I don’t believe this has to develop in a painfully slow way. It doesn’t need to be. It just comes, and you know it really is true. That it’s game over. That you’re tied down.

So what happens when Barney goes through a relapse? What if instead of asking Ted to proxy-fuck the young girl, he did it himself? Let’s complicate things up. What if Barney doesn’t tell Robin? And Ted wasn’t such a loose mouth but instead, was more loyal to Barney?

Robin only found out about Barney’s relapse by checking his Facebook account (or something). She confronts Barney, but he denies it flat out. Tells her that it was a long time ago, and that the conversation (and picture) was posted only now when he and his friends remembered about the incident. He goes on bombarding Robin of the fact that he loves her and only her. Would that really make up for the fact that he cheated on her through a relapse?

If what they really have for each other is true love, then that will definitely break Robin’s heart. But no matter what, she’ll stay with him, because people will make mistakes that they’ll regret. Remembering what she saw and how he denied it will always tear her apart. It won’t be easy either to let go of that in just a day. The fact will always remain that he broke her heart once, and she didn’t even give him reason to.

But I guess that’s true love. You’ll only know that it’s true love when it genuinely hurts you. And that the thought of getting revenge hurts too. True love will always be painful. You’ll accept that person for who he really is, and you’ll try to change it. You’ll always be on your toes. You’ll never be sure of who he becomes once he’s out of your sight. Yet you choose not to play the who’s-gonna-cheat-first game, because that’s how much you love him. You can’t bear to give him a reason to do it again. You’ll believe his promise, but inside it hurts. And you’ll believe in second chances, because he loves you as well.