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To you who missed his opportunity when it came.

To you who keeps blaming family errands for your shitty life.

To you who shamelessly plays video games all day, and complains when you’re asked to do something.

To you who never had the patience to teach me my “in’s” and “on’s”, and who smacked your rubber slippers on my head when I was acting like a kid.

To you who shamelessly lives under the roof of our parent’s house and calls it the “best freebie in life! I don’t have to worry about rent. I can get it for free”.

To you who dropped all your classes in college, never attended a damn class, yet shamelessly asked for allowance and tuition but never paid it.

To you who never had the patience to stick to call center jobs because you always think you can get better than that for your college drop out ass.

To you who did more damage to the car than anyone else in the family combined, but never had the patience to be the older brother who should have taught his baby sister how to drive (and never lets her hear the end of your “you’re a shitty driver” speech).

To you who rejoices at allowance (in your thirty-one year old self) when you should have graduated eleven years ago, employed ten years ago, and carrying the burden that our mother and father has been carrying for thirty-one years now.

And to you, who complains about everything, anything, and everyone, but never seems to see the shirtless loser in the mirror who still lives with his parents.

I hope you realize soon that you can’t make up any excuses anymore. I hate being in the house with you because I’m afraid I might catch the same lazy bug that hit you when you were born. I hope you realize that you’ve cheated on our parents too much. I hope you also realize that you’re an adult now, and your baby sister has accomplished more than you ever had in your sorry eleven years of being a bum.

I hope you wake up, wear a shirt, and leave this house so you can stop complaining about the things you hate. And actually get a job.

And stop sitting in front of the mega-computer that our dad has graciously made for you, playing video games, downloading things off the internet like it’s your mission in life.

I hope you start acting like the adult you should have been ages ago.