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This post is long overdue. I have so many things to say about the Manila Film Festival that I don’t even know where to start.

Well, to start, it was originally my brother who wanted to go to the Manila Music Festival. Wasn’t really interested because for so long, I’ve been convinced that our music industry is dead. Yeah, I know–BOO ME. But when I saw the lineup, heck sign me up!

Until I saw the ticket price. Okay, I’m a working girl now and I should get to afford that. But hey, Ph1,500? Um, knowing me, I’d rather spend that money on my first love–food, makeup, or clothes. So I had to find a way to get into the Festival, without spending any money. Then started my contest hunt.

I didn’t win any contests, but I was fortunate enough to land a media pass. What’s a girl like me doing with a media pass? It’s my blog! So thank you to JC for setting me up with that.

So okay, enough with my side stories and on with my first ever MMF experience.

May 1 2012, alphaland Bay City

Eager beaver face!
May 1 2012, alphaland Bay City

It was hot, there was sand all over the place, and there was no way in hell that I was going to buy booze for 100pesos a cup. So after getting my media pass, we had to drive back outside to buy water, eat, and chill before the fun begins.

Red Bull Tent

Red Bull tents selling booze and other drinks. I’m so cheap, I didn’t buy anything from there! 

Once the ceremonious ribbon cutting was done, the fun began. Well, an awkard fun, that is. With mini sandstorms blowing the banigs out of place, and nothing, not even our sunglasses, could provide refuge to the harsh sand, everyone became pretty preoccupied with that instead of grooving to the acts. Don’t worry, everyone caught on pretty well.

MMF Main Stage

You’d be amazed how these group of shy type people can turn into crazy festival goers once the booze starts kicking in.

Well for some, that didn’t stop them from dancing. For me and my brother, it got pretty awkward.

So once everyone got settled in, it was time for June Marieezy to take the stage. I was so amazed at how groovy their music was–and it got me wondering just how much good music I’m missing out on all these years. What also made me all the more proud was that she’s another Filam who fell inlove with the Philippines, and decided to make a name for herself here. I’m definitely going to look for their album now!

June Marieezy

Groovy tunes from June Marieezy. Wonderful backdrop from the Manila Bay sunset.

Sinosikat didn’t come as a surprise. The crowd from the Red Bull Stage (where DJs like Noodles and Similarobjects played and mixed music for those who just want to have some good time dancing) migrated in one big swoop to the main stage. Why? Well Sinosikat’s vocalist had an unmistakeable sex appeal…I mean stage presence. Heck I even think I momentarily relapsed into my grade school and early high schooltomboy days!


Once this girl comes up on stage, the whole crowd migrates to the main stage to see who the soul crooner is. No surprise there, right?



Kjwan performing at the main stage.

Then comes the hard hitters. It was a pleasant surprise to see and listen to Razorback, because they weren’t on any lineups that were released online. I’m not particularly a hard hitter, rakista, but seeing caucasians singing along and passing lighters to anyone who needed a light was…amusing. Hey, you don’t often see Caucasians getting chummy with stranger Filipinos, right?


Wilabaliw on the big stage.


Razorback. another moment when everyone unites and shares booze while getting lost in the music.

Me and some random caucasian

Want proof? Here’s some random, wasted dude who decided to pop in the last minute while I was going vain.

at the Red Bull Stage, I had to maintain my composure hearing all DJs like Complex and Kristian Hernandez hit hard and get the people dancing. I would dance at any given day, but my brother didn’t know how wild I could get when I start dancing. Let’s just say, he knows me as the geeky little sister. I could have stayed there but I didn’t want to get wet (don’t judge me I’m going all the way back to Laguna).

Red Bull Stage

at the Red Bull stage, where everyone (but me) is dancing to the awesome beats from the DJs, not to mention shooting their water guns up in the air. Here’s Kristian Hernandez vs. Complex.

So, after more than ten hours at the venue, we finally reached the last stretch! We were particularly waiting for Shinichi Osawa, being big fans of Mondo Grosso. Sadly, we only reached ali Shaheed Muhammad. BOO. Nonetheless, all the tweets about how good the last two international acts were got me on a permanent, labor day high.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Playing some well-needed old school hiphop. Sadly the last act we listened to before we left.:(