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Just a quick post before I sleep.

Run for the Pasig River 2011

So ages ago (no actually sometime last year) me and a couple of friends attended the event, “Run for the Pasig River 2011“. We primarily joined it because we wanted to get thin. Then when we were already registering (or was that just me?) we all realized that the proceeds were really going to be committed to the cleaning of the Pasig River.

We all know how dirty that river is.

Because I know that there’s a ferry transporting passengers there, and many people live beside it, I said, wow, I am going to make a change. Amazing.

But then came the event.

It was late, there were so many, unorganized people, and there was just no way for us to know when we were going to run. We were all left to sit along Roxas Blvd. (YES, I sat on a street!) from 5am to around, what, seven in the morning? Forgive me but the details may not be as clear.

Then we all got up. Of course Ateneo was reminded that we have to keep our trash until there were trash cans or plastic bags where we can throw it. But the rest of the people did not seem to care. There was so much trash along the way that you’d think the street was actually made of trash. It was horrible.

And all that to help clean up the Pasig River?

They should have told the people not to throw trash on the streets. I felt so disgusted with all these people, committed to a cause, but obviously not committed to keeping the rest of Manila clean. I also felt sorry for the people organizing the event who would have to clean up. Mostly, I felt sorry for events like these that supposedly help nature recuperate from us are actually just hypocritical and one-sided.

It was all nuts.

What made me feel more disgusted was how there were so many hypocritical people. After reaching the finish line, there were people putting makeup on, taking pictures (even while pretending to run), hoarding freebies, and things like that. I don’t blame them but committing to a cause does not really involve being beautiful in front of the camera, or letting the rest of the world know that you were a part of this record-breaking event. It was all so hypocritical, I don’t even know where to start.

Or how to organize my thoughts.

Just plain humiliation for these people.

I know I may be one sided with this issue, but forgive me. I am writing from memory and am not even thinking twice before writing anything.