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When the world gives birth to your responsibilities earlier than you…

You know you’re dead meat.

Just a thought long stuck in my head.

So I’m almost done with school. I just finished with work and I’m about to sleep. It’s just dawning on me how hard-hearted and brave I should be. I was never a woman of confrontation but now, I have to face the consequences. I have already managed to turn down two real-life jobs. It took one failed meeting from each for me to finally admit to them that I do not want to work for them.

I guess my hearts’s still set for law school. But in the meantime, I need to make money. It’s embarrassing enough that I’m asking for another four years of tuition and allowance, not to mention living under my parents’ roof. I need to make money for my own needs.

But that doesn’t mean that making money is my passion (they say that the four years in college let’s you realize what you really want to do in life). It just means that I think the call to earn is much more urgent than doing what I do best–dancing, and relentless reading and studying (as they say in Filipino, sunog-kilay). Besides, how can I dance and study if there’s no money coming in?

My point exactly.