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This week is Ateneo’s annual Job Fair. Since freshman year, I’ve been perpetually intimidated with Ateneo’s job fair – that week in the second semester when seniors dress up a little bit more to make a good first impression with the equally prepped up representatives from some of the biggest corporations in the Philippines (or in the world, so to speak). It’s also that week when I purposefully avoid walking down the red brick road to class, afraid that some representatives might mistake me for a mediocre senior looking for a company to accept my resume.

This year, I’m a senior. I’m obliged to pass by the job fair and check out career options that Ateneo carefully laid down for my conyo (or so they say) ass.

But this week, I’m still falling to my usual pattern-avoiding the red brick road.

I do have my resume. I passed one to the APO all right. I just can’t decide if those companies deserve another resume to read and end up without a response from me.

Instead, I’m locking myself up in the condo, studying for law school. While everyone else spends a little more time in school selling themselves to those companies.

Should I choose to pass my resume, what happens next? Does that narrow my determination in pursuing law school? Will that jinx my goal of maybe having a title appended to my name 4 years from now?

I still have three days to decide if I should visit the job fair anyway, just for the sake of it; or lock myself up to prepare for Ateneo Law School entrance exam this coming Friday.