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I am born and raised in San Pedro, Laguna. A province. Just fifteen minutes away from Alabang. Whenever I’m asked where I live, I always say the last qualifier sentence. Why?

Because I am discriminated against. Just because I am from the province doesn’t mean I’m a lesser person than everyone else. Sige, taunt me for that and I can tell you, conceited “city person”, that I know where I want to see myself years from now. I have ambition and a clear idea of my own identity. I don’t copy, I generate my own.

I passed Ateneo without even meaning to; partied and became a cheerdancer for the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion and still made it to the Dean’s List while you try and fail (continuously) to pass the university that you thought was meant for you. I passed because I grew up in an environment where education’s importance is hammered right into my being.

While you prance around with all your shiny gadgets and meager achievements. And how sosyal you are.

Is that really important? I admit I haven’t completely integrated myself into this city’s culture but let me tell you, when I graduate, I will be the person who dictates to the whole world what the difference between class and crass are.

I know that I want to be a lawyer. You, on the other hand, at the mention of my goal, immediately shift your life track to parallel mine. I don’t know what your ultimate intentions are, but dear heavens, it all sounds bull and empty form to me.