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Call me a masochist and stress-lover, but I had a pretty busy yet lovely weekend. Although it involved an 18-hour hibernation, massive headache, and fever-scare, I sure as hell would love another weekend like that.

Saturday: Had poetry class in the morning which I thoroughly enjoyed (minus the boring teacher who kept repeating major points until I resorted to doodling), make-up shopping (I had a free eyebrow shape up from Majolica Majorca at Watson’s Gateway after buying an eyebrow definer), and the highlight of the day, workshop with Brian Puspos. It was tiring running around all day and commuting to get to the workshop, but it was all worth it.

Sunday: Voices in Harmony 2011: Awit Tagisan ng Batang Pilipino Finals Night at Aliw Theater. Woke up at 3am to get to the venue for pre-event preparations, and of course to bond with the Children’s Museum and Library Incorporated Junior Council Alumni Association (CMLI JC-AA) family. Everyone was pretty sleepy alright, but that didn’t stop us from kicking casualties aside to give the crowd the best show ever. I don’t have pictures of the event itself, but the experience was, as it is each year, amazing.


Goofy lens-free glasses!

Tired, goofy face


It’s always so fulfilling to be able to fulfill all my passions. Dance, of course, although I was pretty out of shape, and youth leadership which involved smiling at angry, agitated parents who wanted nothing less than the best seats in the house to see their sons and daughters perform.

By the way, I apologize for the run-on sentences. I am still pretty beat up from the weekend.:)