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So I’m approaching hell week.

Might as well as stock up on energy drinks, apples, snacks, coffee and what-have-you in the market right now to keep myself awake enough to finish reading Sartre and Marcel side by side. While planning group projects that never seem to end. People might assume that in Ateneo we’re given everything…wait until you attend our Philo and Theo classes. And our majors as well.

My teacher once said that in a university like ours, to be a professor, one must be an expert in the field. A person doesn’t necessarily need to be good in teaching so long as he’s an expert in the field. Pardon me for saying this, but we can have teachers who barely tickle our interest at all, even if that teacher holds a doctorate or has been an ambassador to countless countries. So we’re left to, um, for lack of a more effective term, masturbate. Tickle our own intellectual curiosity and bask in books around the library. Which is really hard, considering we’re juggling so many things at the same time.

Okay, maybe I’m not representing the whole here. Just talking from my point of view.

I also have one teacher who made it quite clear in his syllabus that for every hour we spend inside the classroom, we must dedicate three hours outside to study. Pretty tricky, if you multiply a total of 20 hours in school a week to three. You do the math.

The only thing that keeps me going is this: on top of it all, I still owe it to my parents for allowing me to pursue what I want to–not nursing, management, or any other typical course a parent would persuade his child to take up–and pay for it. So I owe them at least that much to bring an occasional, “mom, dad, I got an A! I’m on the Dean’s List!” type of news. Or something along those lines.