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September 9, 2011.

It’s my birthday again. I’m getting old. Stating the obvious. Haha.

On a more serious note, how come it feels like my 20th birthday is more crucial than my 18th, which marked my entrance into the “no holds barred” world? I’m having a post-teenage crisis!

Lemme think.

Well, maybe because I’m 20, and yet I can’t drive like normal people. I’m more terrified of our suburbian roads at home than the highway. I get really bored with slow driving, I can’t stand it.

I’m already 20, and yet I haven’t figured out what I really want in life. Part of me is still stuck with than anger (or resentment) that my parents didn’t give me a good, solid foundation in dancing when they’ve already seen that compared to my sister, I was more committed to it – I actually stuck to it even until now. Yet a part of me, the more serious one, wants to go to law school. Or graduate school. Or maybe Europe or Australia to get a good degree or something. I said serious, not mature.

By now, I don’t know where I’m going with this entry.

No, wait, I think I haven’t completely lost the train of thought yet.

The most epic birthday I’ve had so far was my 18th birthday. Did I mention that I lost a one-month old phone a day before that? Yes. I found it again alright, but I lost it in a matter of minutes. Then my mom arrives here, complete with two whole chickens, cake, spaghetti, and drinks to share with my friends (plus the updates of my impromptu debut), only to find out that I lost two cellphones in less than three weeks. Great, so I was crying the whole day, because my mom wouldn’t drop it. Looking back though, I don’t blame her because I was truly a clumsy, forgetful, and careless person. Even until now I guess.

So there. I really don’t know where I’m going with this. So I’m just gonna write my wishlist:

1. A new pair of expensive (yes, expensive, I’m tired of cheap) shoes
2. A new bag (Good heavens, most of my bags have already disintegrated!)
3. A make-up brush set (Oh please, I know how to put make-up on even if most of the time I’m helping my brother out picking up girls and molesting them with words inside our car)
4. Verso Kindle clip-on light from Fully Booked
5. Clothes (who doesn’t need that?)
6. Leather folio for my Kindle
7. More Transformers/Star Wars/Marvel characters action figures (yes, I’m starting a fleet…no, actually, I’m making a movie with everyone inside their boxes)
8. Spa package (can’t even convince myself nowadays that I’m worthy of a nail spa)
9. Money (make me rich bitch)
10. LOVE (or better yet, birthday sex! Gah. Who am I kidding)

So there. There. Over there. Up there. It was completely nonsense.

I’m allowed to do that on my birthday right?

Oh, and that iPhone 5 that pop promised me.