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When you get invited to:

Seventh Birthday Party – you’re a parent, a seven-year old kid who happens to know the kid who’s having a party, or your parents know the kid’s parents

Sweet Sixteen – you’re just another kid who knows the bratty little kid having a showoff party

18th Birthday Party – you’re the friend of the debutant, you’re a teenager who knows how to party, people would like to see you drunk too, time to showoff the pounds you lost after high school

Wedding – ohshit, you’re next. Time to go out on the streets to find someone to marry!

60th birthday parties – not so much of a party anymore huh? Will you be able to attend judging by the fact that your body is beginning to develop an aversion to alcohol and your knees can’t bear those heels or dancing?

Wake – you’ve survived the diseases, and you hope you’re next coz you can’t do anything decent anyway.