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I’m gonna make this short, simple, and frank.

I think girls are going against their morals just to get attention on Facebook. There’s a line between being appropriate and making a slut out of oneself.

I know it’s summer, and people go to the beach. So naturally, you have pictures taken at the beach, wearing bikinis, cover ups, and other summer clothes. I do that too, but I choose what to share. I don’t have anything against people doing that because there’s a perfectly rational reason behind it.

But what really ticks me off is when people, specially girls, have pictures taken with only their bikinis on…when they’re not at the beach anyway. So, how do they justify that? I’m sorry, maybe it’s just the nun inside me speaking, but the only reason I can think of is that they’re just doing that to get attention. And not in the good way either. They’re taking away what I think is the most beautiful surprise that a woman can give to a man – the mystery and surprise.

I’m not saying that girls should all start wearing blankets over their heads – HELL NO. I wear skimpy outfits in an almost daily basis but I still leave a little mystery for guys to dwell on. I don’t want them to dwell on the thought of fucking me. I want them to keep thinking, but stay there. I don’t have to be the girl to satisfy their sexual desires.

If a girl’s pretty, she doesn’t need to prove that by posting inappropriate pictures either. Hell, I think a girl’s pretty even if she doesn’t show much skin. It disappoints me that young, beautiful girls make a slut of themselves by exposing themselves like they were a model for men’s magazines. Models can do that, but young girls? HELL NO. It’s just their attention hungry selves, teenage hormones, and a whole lot of peer pressure pushing them to do that.

There’s also a difference between art and plain hunger for attention. I can understand it if it was a picture taken by a professional photographer. But a slutty picture taken inside a room, that’s not art. Do you see nude pictures for art posted on Facebook? No. Art like that is too precious to be posted on a site where the owner has absolutely no control over who views it. You can only go as far as seeing girls in a little less clothing posing for a professional photo. Not for the satisfaction of sex-hungry guys, but art for art’s sake.

Well, if the girl wants to doubt her actions later on when she’s in the professional world or when she goes out in the streets and some random guy looks at her like he can see right through her clothes, then by all means go ahead and slut-tify your image. Kudos to you for achieving what you want.

I’m a teenager but I beg to differ. I don’t want to throw away my principles just to get people to like me.

Okay, if that’s really what the person is, go ahead and do whatever makes you happy. Just airing my opinion.

Wow, this entry did not come out short like I intended it to. Oops.