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I don’t know why I wrote the title immediately and why I’m not thinking before writing, but somehow I really thought before I decided to post a new post. I really did. But I went to the washroom to pee and when I got back, I lost the thought that was so priceless it needed to be forever immortalized in my blog. So now I’m just typing nonsense to past time and maybe because I’m too tired looking for NGOs over the internet which they were asking from me. I’m just an intern here so I don’t get why they’re not asking me to staple something or shred something. I’m just here sitting my ass off with eight hours to go find organizations to enlist in the company’s survey. But Indonesian sites are too crazy. They offer both English and Bahasa but the only things they translate in the website are the headings. Not really helpful for someone who was hired for her French skills. Which are nonexistent right now by the way.

Well, compared to the girl on the other side of the table. She’s trained to read literature in French. LITERATURE! I’m only trained to read Beginner level French books. Not really. Do I make sense? Bottomline is, I do not think my French is as good as what the program offered us. No.

Check out my cat. That was a photo I took when the kittens first sucked milk from her nipples. I’m not a cat person, but I absolutely adore these Persian cats. They’re cute. Sad though, out of six kittens, only 2 lived. But they’re still cute.

I still don’t want to call foreign companies up and pretend like I understand them.  I just wanna go home and try on the new clothes I bought. Or pass by the mall after work to look at clothes. I don’t think I can buy anything, though, because I only get transportation and food allowance, which are not even enough to cover everything.

And that is why I’m fat.

(P.S. I forgot I’m not using my computer so there’s no picture. Sorry.)