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What’s the most common problem among any household? The Leprechaun Syndrome. The way I understand it, it’s when a person buys too much useless junk thinking that it will be useful in the future, or just because it’s on sale or just because everyone has it. Or, it may also be the difficulty that a person experiences when it’s time to throw away useless things accumulating space around the house; space which could have been for more useful things. The result? Ultimate clutter, forgetting that you have that already (which results into more buying) and trash, among others.

Summer (or any time of the year when my father is going home) to our family  means facing the consequences of having the Leprechaun Syndrome. Usually, we’d transfer things which we can’t classify into “junk” or “sell” to our house in Marikina, which does not really solve the issue. So, we thought it best to sell it by holding a garage sale, like what some TV shows tell families to do (which is never put into action). But then there’s also the problem that we have relatives who need clothes, shoes, bags, or toys that we plan to sell. It’s not really nice to have them buy it from us, right? So we just give everything away to them. So yes, some untouched ‘junk’ which still even has tags on go to our needy relatives, and we just spend more to replace what has been lost. Charity in the long run turned out to be more of wasting what should have been income.


All the clothes, shoes, toys, and bags which I hope will be sold at a Garage Sale

Another problem (which I experience at least) is when one in the family refuses to overcome the Leprechaun Syndrome. Receipts, statement of accounts, and useless documents are kept in the hopes that it will save our family in some future crisis. Which never happened in the last thirty or so years. I’ve seen documents dating as far back as 1975, which almost collapsed with the gentlest touch. Even souvenir items which are pretty useless (like figurines, etc) are refused to be thrown as well. I know it’s a touching memory of someone else’s wedding, debut, or birthday party, but taking a picture of it is enough, right? Unless we have a room for those, it’s really is useless to keep it inside the house and allow it to collect dust.

My own Leprechaun Syndrome is when I buy clothes on sale that don’t really fit me, in the hopes of pushing me to go on a diet so I can wear it later on. I only tend to fill my cabinets with these kinds of clothing. Which I end up giving away.

This year, I’m hoping my family decides to bring the useless junk to Marikina again. Not to stock them up like we always do, but to actually sell them on a garage sale:)

*Pardon me for grammatical errors and misspelled words because I’m in a hurry 🙂