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Whoever said that the last kid is spoiled by their parents… he mustn’t know how it feels like to be born eight years after who they thought was the last one.

Try being me and you’ll get how tough it is to catch up with everyone else in the family. I distinctly remember being ignored when I wrote my first letter “B” when I was two or three years old. I wasn’t attending school yet but my yaya-aunt thought it would be nice if I was ahead of my batchmates in writing. So I think I was. My pop is working abroad, so when I wrote my first, almost distinctly readable letter, we showed it to my mom. I guess you can blame it on bad timing because she was busy working on something for work that weekend, but when I approached her and showed her what I was able to do, she merely gave me a half smile and a half-hearted “good job”. Well, she has seen things like that before I was born, having two siblings and more than enough nieces and nephews. So what was so special about her last daughter’s first “B” anyway, right?

I’m also teased in the family for being so short. My brother, now 30, stands at 5″11′; my sister, now turning 27, stands at 5″7′; and me? Well, let’s just say I almost didn’t make the 5″ cut. I am the midget in the family. At least my brother is being more considerate now, assuring me that I’m still young and I won’t stop growing until I’m 21 or something. When I was little and my sister still lives with us, she and my brother would pretend not to see me at home, calling me “midget” or “dwarf” every chance they could. Yeah, it might be a training for some real world harshness, but come on, to couple with that with some adolescent hormones? Not a good idea. As a result, I always cried and locked myself up just to stay away from everyone else. So I didn’t catch the growth hormones, is it my fault I was born just when ‘tall genes’ were out of stock in my mom’s and dad’s system?

Pop likes to shower us with presents from abroad. But I never got any gaming consoles. My parents sort of imposed the “no video games allowed” rule when they saw the effect in my siblings. So I grew up being foreign to the gaming world while everyone else at school talked about those things. Everyone knew how to use the Playstation, while I avoided the topic. In family gatherings, my parents would tell me to go and play with my cousins the PS, until they find out that they have to teach me from scratch. For crying out loud, I didn’t even know what the ‘x’, triangle, ‘o’, and ‘square’ was for! Later on I found out that they should have at least allowed me to go to arcades to play, it could have served helpful in developing good strategy, which I don’t really have.

Growing up I never got the middle ground. It was always the extremes. Either they expect me to be mature in my decisions, or they expect me to be too young for this and that. I would not be allowed to have this and that because I’m too young (yes, even now that I’m already 19). Or, they expect me to single-handedly run the family business because I know enough from what I have been observing. Thanks, but I think they left the part where I should be taught, not expected to be like them in a snap.

And on being spoiled? Hell, no. My brother and sister always come first. Then whatever’s left for me, is mine. Yeah sure, they’re allowed to drive on their own, get whatever they ask for from my dad, be able to live like an adult because they are. Me? I have to prove that I deserve it before I’m given whatever’s left. I can’t act like a proper nineteen-year-old because I’m too young and I’m the bunso.

Now tell me if I am spoiled as the third kid.