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Just reposting this from its own page to a post.:)

Hi! So okay. To make my summer more interesting and worthwhile, since I can’t go to Bora anymore, I’m making a list of things to accomplish this summer. I’ll update you every time I accomplish one.

  1. Make a video present for Dad – for Father’s Day and for his 54th Birthday
  2. Learn how to drive
  3. Get a summer job
  4. Make a video present for Mom – for her 60th birthday and for Mother’s Day
  5. Fix my iTunes playlist with lyrics of my favorite songs and Album Art for all the songs
  6. Make pretty floral skirts
  7. Fix Uncle Nono’s line of perfumes
  8. Fix my room – complete make over!
  9. Flat Tummy! Jogging and Ab workout everyday (after I can walk again)
  10. Go to the Beach
  11. Read a book
  12. Open my own ATM account
  13. Learn how to cook
  14. Practice French
  15. Rebond your hair
  16. Flawless but tanned!

So there. Can I just say how convenient but troubling it is that my parents’ birthdays are in the same dates as their special days? Anyway, might update the list also when I think of something else.