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Went to Fairview today to visit my sister. I prepared like, 24 individually wrapped s’mores for my favorite playmate and niece in the whole wide world, Tiffany. Didn’t get to take pictures though, but I worked hard to make the packaging nice. Worked well though, she and my sister extremely loved it.

So I’ve been turning down my sister’s offer to allow me to carry Kendrick, my new nephew and Godson. He’s too fragile at less than a month for my clumsy hands! Instead I spent most of my time playing with Tiffany and watching Tangled with her, until by the afternoon siesta she was beginning to get cranky and sleepy. Obviously she couldn’t, seeing as there were too many visitors and she’s afraid that if she falls asleep she’ll wake up crying because we’re not there anymore.

After drinking her afternoon milk (not in a bottle anymore!!!), we got up to pretend to be gymnasts (like we always do). I got some alcohol before touching fluffy Aniken, and some alcohol accidentally went inside Tiffy’s left eye, thus starting a fit of screams and a whole lot of crying from her. A blur of four people (mom, my sister, me, and my yaya-aunt) all of who cannot decide who to run to – Tiffany or the awoken Aniken – rushed to the bathroom to relieve Tiffany of her burning eye. We don’t know how it all happened, but after that Tiffany wouldn’t stop crying. Then I realized, I must be the worse aunt in the whole world because Tiffany always gets into trouble when she’s with me. Well, at least three times already.

Just goes to show how I cannot and will not be carrying a baby inside me any time soon. If I’m a klutsy aunt, what more if I was a mommy? Oh, geez forbid, even I and mommy in one sentence creeps me out.