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Sorry for my big absence. Been occupied during the last month(s?) of school. Anyway, I’m done now! Managed to scrape a 3.something QPI after some bully teachers that won’t give grades that we deserve simply because they think that if they do, it’s admitting that we’re smarter than them.

After a few weeks in summer, I managed to clean up what was left of our maid’s mess. Cleaned the whole backyard and outdoor kitchen, organized the dining room, guest room, and my room of course. I also finished sorting out stuff that I need to sell for the garage sale, including my sister’s.

All that’s left now is to wait for papa’s arrival (along with my new Amazon Kindle, crossing my fingers and iPhone 4 or iPad 2 or iPod touch, and some cool new stuff), and my looming practicum at an international firm at Makati. For the first time, I’ll be coming from our condo in Makati, the place my parents bought for my brother and sister when they were studying, and later on working. Sad though, I’ll be alone there. Hopefully my family thinks about visiting me while I’m there.

Looking back at what I have ahead, is summer really for me? I know most people reserve early for trips and vacations somewhere else, and most people would think that living in Laguna, the hotspring capital of the Philippines, I’d be out and about spending most of my time in resorts, EK, or Tagaytay which is pretty near our house. But I’ve done all that when I was little. So much that my parents would just drop me off in EK almost everyday during the summer, abusing their connections to allow me to have fun. And I’ve gone to most resorts in Laguna too. So I guess that’s why our family doesn’t really dig vacays. Plus, the oldest in the family is already 60, not much adventure we can sink our hands to.

So I’m sorry if I don’t have pictures at the beach or outside like most people. It’s not for me, I guess. There’s a reason why everyone called me ‘Snowwhite’ when I was in kinder. And it really stuck. I hate the heat and tan lines; losing my fair skin feels like I’m a different person and I don’t like that.