I feel like an unmoving log. Been swearing to move around and workout again, because if not then I guess I have to throw all my clothes away because almost everything doesn’t fit me anymore. I swear. My mom even told me to workout, and she’s usually the one who tells me to eat more.

This past year has been one of the worst. I quit my passion, dancing and cheerleading, I wasn’t on the honors list, got my ego kicked in the ass by a decaying Jesuit teacher, and I’ve been struggling – trying to find something new that will ignite that something inside me that pushed me to do so much in so little time. I used to have so much passion and determination inside me, now I feel like a retired person. Retired from living life.

2011, Imma kill you if you’re not good to me. Merci. J’espere que j’ai une bonne annee.