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I’ve been trying to focus on studying for my first French long test, but it looks like my mind’s too busy thinking how much weight I’ve been gaining since I quit cheerleading. It’s been like this since I started having wardrobe dilemmas. No matter how massive my wardrobe is, with the weight I gained it seems  to narrow down to less than 7 outfits. Well, those that qualify the weather as of the moment I guess.

See, I did it again. I went out of focus right there.

I’m falling back to the same pattern that I’ve always had. First test, I fail, then after that, once I know how to pace myself, I get better and better. It’s my sickness to be assuming most of the time. I’m a self confessed know it all. Then when I’m looking down at the test paper, everything eludes me. Just like my focus.

It’s so annoying. I’ve been studying French for almost two years already but I can’t seem to survive ten minutes of studying without looking at the dictionary or my French Verbs conjugation book. I feel weak without it.

Anyway. I’m back to studying. I just hope I don’t get tempted this time.

Je veux etudier pour mon examen a demain, pour la classe francaise quatre. Mais, j’ai sommeil. Et je n’est pas concentré.