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I know, none of my close friends who can actually give me presents can actually see this, but hey, I miss writing Christmas Wishlists and hanging them on the Christmas Tree. Is it pretty obvious that I’m feeling nostalgic about Christmas?

  1. A new pair of black/gray/white Havaianas. My old one died out on me already, and although I do have other pairs, they’re not as good as having a plain, simple pair. I can even give you a 10% discount coupon from my Belle de Jour Planner, si tu veux.
  2. Laptop Sleeves. Thanks to my mom, I was able to replace my poor old Fujitsu Siemens laptop with a lighter, more convenient Acer Aspire. It’s 14in widescreen, and it’s around and inch and a half thick. I’d really appreciate a classy one. Black, preferably.
  3. Flats. Need I say that I do a lot of walking when I’m not at home in Laguna where I get around in our car? I seriously need to stock up on sturdy flats that can bear the unpredictable weather around here. And also so I can enter my quiet cozy spot in the Library.
  4. Earrings. I noticed that I haven’t been wearing earrings lately. Either I’m too lazy to put it on, or just that I don’t find a need for it since I can’t tie my hair back.
  5. A set of Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens. This is just one of the things that I’d love to own, but can’t buy for myself. Besides that it’s expensive, I also find it more “romantic” if someone would just give a set to me. Makes doodling with it have a more meaningful purpose.
  6. Cardigans. For those times when I want to wear sleeveless tops, but can’t show to the world the hideous, unwaxed reality hiding in my armpits. And of course because this is more stylish than having to wear a varsity jacket.
  7. A Jansport/Northface Backpack. I know, I have a pink and brown pair tucked inside my keepsafe box, but, I want one that goes with any outfits. I bought that one out of sheer excitement of having money to spend for my eighteenth birthday.
  8. Clutch Bags. I saw this imitation of an Anna Sui floral clutch bag. I fell in love with it. But then again my hopeful came over me – someone might think of giving me that. And because I’m resisting the urge to shop for myself because I still have a long way to go with my Christmas gift list.
  9. Zara Clothes. I just can’t buy from Zara. The price is too unreasonable for me. I can’t bear the thought of dishing out heaps of money out my parents’ pocket just to buy myself pieces of clothing there.
  10. An iPod Touch. Well, actually I got into this deal with my sister. Her credit card company’s offering her an 8GB iPod Touch for Php400 for two years, which she offered to my brother, which he passed on to me. But a worry-free possession of my most wanted gadget would be greatly appreciated too. And, it’s been so long since I had my own iPod. Since the one I lost, I’ve just been borrowing my brother’s unappreciated old ones.
  11. A Canon DSLR. I’ve always wanted to be able to take great pictures. But I only went as far as having a point and shoot Canon camera which I also ruined. Well, it wasn’t me technically. I asked a friend of mine to take my picture and he dropped it.  While we were taking a break from hiking on the mountains.
  12. A professional makeup brush Kit. I’m giving one to my sister. So that doesn’t leave me with money to buy a set for myself. I’m eyeing one from Suesh, well, partly because I also have a discount coupon from it.
  13. A Moleskin Planner. I regretted buying a Belle de Jour Planner when I saw a moleskin planner at Fully Booked for less than Php500. I need a more compact planner, one that I can carry around even in my small bags.
  14. A Trip to France.