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Right after school, I went to Rustan’s. Well, my main reason was to buy bath soap because i didn’t have any left (if you call mini remnants of my bath soap then I guess I could’ve still used it for tomorrow). But then I ended up buying different sorts of things, like food. Okay, so I get really lazy to go out and eat somewhere. So I bought loads of instant stuff too. I passed by the snacks section, and there it is – my all time favorite Keebler’s Soft Batch Cookies.

It started out as a weekly pasalubong from my sister’s mother-in-law for me, because she knows that I used to dorm and she didn’t want me to go hungry. Or maybe she just loved buying stuff like that and didn’t know anywhere else to put it. I personally think it’s better than Mrs. Field’s, but then again that’s just for people who have the money to spend on it. I prefer to spend my meager student allowance on real food like lunch, dinner, and clothes. Clothes isn’t food, I know, but when you study in a school without uniforms, clothes become as essential as food. Or maybe even more.

I never followed the instructions on the pack to heat it up. The dorm simply wasn’t conducive to walking along the corridor in my nighties to warm a few pieces of cookies when someone else is standing in line dinner in their hands. But now that I live in the coziest condo I can ever wish for thanks to my parents, maybe I can try heating it up this time. See if the chocolate chip really melts and make it even more glorious than it already is. And maybe eat it with a glass of milk. And feel like a little girl doing her simple homework again, while it’s pouring outside. Maybe I’ll do that.

I was always amused at how American kids would put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for when Santa arrives at Christmas Eve. I simply left a pencil with Santa’s name on it. He never got it though – which later on I realized the reason, it was just my mom and dad leaving a more expensive present for me under the generously decorated Christmas Tree. Maybe tonight, I’ll feel like a little kid again, regardless that it’s not yet Christmas Tree, maybe feeling a bit rebellious for eating sweets for dinner too.

Merry Christmas everyone.