I’m officially on vacation! hoorah! But thing is, I got sprained really bad for the first time ever. I was in gymnastics, and take not I did it voluntarily, but I think I overdid it so there, my right ankle is swollen. What made it bad though was the day after, I wore my ankle supporter and walked around campus pa. Haha. Well, judging by the fact that I’ve never had any serious injury in my entire life, I thought this one was just like the others – over fatigue. I went to SM Marikina in the hopes of finding a nice dress, and that made it even worse. By the time I went back to the dorm, I couldn’t walk properly anymore:(

I promised Anna and Coco, our Belgian room-mate, that I’d go with them to this party. So even if I was teary eyed and I could barely walk in pain, I still pushed through. Gah, that was a not so good idea. In The Grove, I just sat down and watched other people have fun – and I drank. Made it even worse. Then I went to Circa, because my other friends fetched me. Standing room only there, so yeah, you know what happened. When we got back to the dorm, my right ankle was so painful that I couldn’t sleep. Gah.

So there you go, the next day I was supposed to go to a party with my boyfriend. But because I was already crying in pain – take note not teary eyed anymore – I had to call home so they could fetch me. Good thing the doctor from Asian Hospital was a nice guy who had kids studying in Ateneo so he was extra nice with me:)

I never pictured my summer to start this way. You can say that I learned my lesson. Promises can be broken when you can’t do it anymore, even if there’s a will.