Sorry for the late post. My hands have been more than full with school work. But, now I have a little bit of free time to blog.

Okay. This is kind of extreme. But since I want to protect the person’s identity, then I’ll just address him as ‘The Guy’.

So since first year college, I’ve been crushing on this guy since the first party that I attended. We hung out but never got farther than that night. The next days, well actually make that the whole year, I tried to avoid making eye contact with him. He was my first encounter in college so I didn’t know how to handle it. I freak out in joy and alarm every time I see him. But there’s always this feeling of joy when I pass by him.

What’s weird is that he became my classmate in one of my classes, then we became close because he joined the same group that I did. Incidentally, apparently. But that’s the reason we talk now – because of events that just allowed or asked us to be together.

Come this party, I hung out with him. He isn’t in the group that we both joined from before, but since he’s close with our other friends as well, he hung out with us. We were all dancing and partying. I wasn’t drunk, I can remember, but somehow, we ended up being isolated from the group, hugging each other. And that night ended with something that did not push through from the first night we met.

I don’t know what the deal is, but somehow, we always end up in that same situation. I admit, I like him, but how come he hangs out with me even if, okay, let’s say that he doesn’t like me? How come he looks at me like, I don’t know, there’s something odd with me?

My roommate says that it’s impossible for a guy to do things like that if he doesn’t like you.

But judging from the things he said, I think it is.