I thought EU22 class was going to be a breeze. It’s a major subject for my course, but it’s not as difficult as the other subjects that I’m taking for my course, say, Comparative Politics. Problem is, the people who told me that it’s a doable subject had NORMAL teachers.

Remember I told you earlier that this is my first class? Well, it’s supposedly the first class I’m having if my English and Comparative Politics class still required me to attend the class. But since both have decided to give us the time off to work instead on our papers, this class, which by the way is draining in the wrong places, is the only reason why I have to walk to campus.

So as always, he’s having us debate about the nth Community Agency of the European Union. It’s always that he distributes the meager class into two equal groups. This time, however, he changes the scenario. Last time he arranged the other group where I belong to to be one person short, but this time, he made us two members short.

So okay, as always I wasn’t to eager about the whole debate thing. But since we were so little and that annoying boy from most of my classes started talking on the other side, I couldn’t help but stand up and defend our group’s position. It went on and on in arguments going round and round, until Dr. Martens finally decided to cut the debate. (See, no point, he doesn’t even decide on who debated better than the other)

For the second round, I raised a hand and politely asked him to give us back a member. And he said no, saying that it’s not in the numbers but in the intelligence that you have in the group. Ideally, I agree, but thing is, he’s not giving a chance to the other group to try to be the minority. In the past debates, it has always been our side who’s playing the part of a minority. Don’t you find it unfair?

I even think that I’m getting a better mark on my Comparative Politics subject than this – and that subject’s supposed to be harder than this. For crying out loud, I’m in a PolSci class that was formerly only open to fourth year students.

What’s more annoying is that he doesn’t give us marks for the requirements that we’ve already passed – and that’s only the report and the paper about it. We had a substitute teacher who’s also German but was actually more interesting than this one. Well yeah, he’s younger than Dr. Martens…but…

Whatever. I went up to our department in the hopes of being able to complain about what’s happening, but the secretary wasn’t there. Good thing some of my classmates were also there to contain my anger.

I just hope I see some light about this subject before it’s too late to complain about the grade.