So my first and only class for today is at 01:30 pm. It’s only 09:55 am, and I’ve already taken a bath and am dressed. All that’s left to do is to iron my hair and pat some powder on my face. It’s the German teacher again – I’m not looking forward to a fun day at school.

Yesterday, I only ate a loaf of bread for breakfast. Up until around 12pm, I still wasn’t feeling any grumbling on my stomach. But, I ate a cheeseburger anyway. Being on a diet for the past year to fit in nicely in my cheer leading uniform, eating too much is always a heated debate between my mind and my stomach. So after eating that little piece of cheeseburger, I felt guilty and full.

Now I’m having the same problem. I haven’t eaten anything for the day despite waking up at around 07:30 am. But I know, I should eat something before my stomach eats itself up out of hunger.

So what do you think should I do?

Is anybody listening out there?